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Implementation of REC Mechanism

1. FOR Report on Renewables
2. REC Regulations
2 a)CERC REC Regulation
2 b) Statement of Reason
2 c) Designation of Central Agency
3. Proccedure for REC implementation
3 a) Notice Inviting Comments
3 b) Draft procedures for Registratration of eligible entities
3 c) Draft procedures for Issuance of RECs
3 d) Draft procdure for redemption
4. Model Regulations/Proccedures
4 a) FOR Model Regulation for SERCs
4 b) Model guidelines/procedures for accredition for RE Project
5. Presentations made in CERC Workshop on REC
5 a) Presentation by Secretary, CERC
5 b) REC implementation procedures, presentation by NLDC
5 c) Software Web Application for REC Framework ..CRISIL
5 d) CERC_Presentation 14.10.2011
5 e) CEO_RRF_WR_NLDC_14.10.2011
5 f) IWTMA_Forecasting_14.10.2011
5 g) WRPC_Energy_Accounting_RRF_mechanism_14.10.11
5 h) MERC_Renewable PPT 14.10.2011
5 i) SLDC_MSETCL_Issues in RRF Implementation_14.10.11

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